Diploma in Interior Design -

Emily May

Interior Designer

What was your background before you started at KLC? 
I trained in shoe design at Cordwainers in London and worked in fashion up until my mid 20’s. It was a fantastic experience especially working for Georgina Goodman, travelling to Italy to source leather and visit the factories.

Why did you decide to study interior design? 
After relocating to New York 5 years ago, I started refurbishing a 100-year-old farmhouse in the Catskills. I fell in love with interiors and at this point started thinking about re-training, which I did as soon as I got back to London.

What did you think of the course? 
The course is so well planned and thought out, you get to practice everything you’re learning as you progress through each term, so you’re constantly developing your skills even though you don’t always realise it! It’s hard work but incredibly rewarding.

What are your design interests / strengths? 
I love the stages of the design process that you don’t see immediately, the space planning and the function of the space, as these really affect how we as people feel within a space. Of course, I also love the decorative part of designing, especially materials and sourcing, particularly leather, wood and natural materials.

I am inspired by… 
Everything! But one of my favourite things is light and shadows and how light changes the atmosphere of room and our mood so quickly and easily.

My favourite interior is… 
Easily the interior of Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Wright. So ahead of it’s time.

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