Diploma in Interior Design -

Francesco Savini

Interior Designer

What was your background before KLC?
Before starting at KLC, I had just graduated from IUAV Architecture in Venice achieving an MA in Architecture. I moved to the UK as I wanted to better understand the interior design world and work in this industry. It was then that I discovered the KLC School of Design.

Why did you decide to study Interior Design?
My passion is design and I've always been fascinated in the interaction between design and people. Shapes and colours have always been present in my life. I believe that interior design offers the ultimate stage for a creative mind, it is exciting to see the development of atmospheres and sensations within a space.

What did you think of the course?
The course taught a wide range of skills that covered almost all aspects of the design process. My previous experience in architecture meant I already had a strong understanding of the design process but the course caters well for people considering a career change. I think it's a well structured course as design can be quite confusing.

What are your design interests / strengths?
I really enjoy attending design exhibitions as well as being inspired by public spaces. I'm also really passionate about developing luxurious properties utilising the philospohy of 'less is more' to create atmospheric spaces.

What is your favourite interior?
One of my favourite interiors is a private residence, designed by Jonathon Adler. I really like the way he can arrange a space and also put an ironic element in it i.e. some elements could easily clash with each other if not utilised in the right balance. The design of these spaces is often influenced by design of the 70's and 80's, yet it's the skill in which he translates this that I most admire.

What are you inspired by?
Most of my inspiration comes from concepts that involve psychological aspects. I also like to explore elements that remind me of my childhood. I also find collecting items, however large or small really helps me as well. I keep my desk busy and usually change the setting so the objects are always there ready to feature as part of my brain storming process.

Francesco Savini, BA MA is now our Senior Lecturer. Visit Francesco's tutor profile.

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