Diploma in Interior Design -

Graham Moore

Interior Designer

What was your background before KLC? 
I worked in the advertising and communications industry for five years, developing campaigns for some of the world's best known brands, including Hugo Boss, Jaguar, Barclaycard and Heinz.

Why did you decide to study Interior Design?
Interior design has always been the one things that has never lost its appeal for me. Even from a young age, the prospect of redesigning my bedroom held more appeal than a PlayStation ever could. Wanting to keep my passions for interior design deliberately spearate from my work life, I pursued my career in advertising, never quite feeling it was the right choice.

What did you think of the course?
Honestly, I don't think I've ever worked as hard, for anything as rewarding in my life. The course is perfectly geared for career changes such as myself. I think coming from a background such as mine, you really feel the reward from retraining in something you have longed to do and it genuinely does cater to a complete novice. Having had a successful career that you're prepared to put behind you, this is a real reassurance!

What are you inspired by? 
It's a designer cliche, but the past year has really taught me that you can be inspired by absolutely anything. My projects have taken inspiration form the enigmatic atmosphere of Far Eastern night markets to the shape and form of the ring I wear on the little finger of my right hand.

What are your design interests / strengths?
I am really interested in the restoration and regeneration of an interior and being able to read the story of a space. As a culture, we're continually obsessed with finding the new. Personally, I think is more interesting to be able to respect the integrity of an interior while bringing something entirely new to it.

What is your favourite interior? 
Always changing. At 28, even I have noticed how much faster the world moves today. Trends come and go at a speed and a revival always seem to be emerging, that defining a current, modern style is impossible. I find this elusiveness fascinating. The Ace Hotel in Shoreditch is a recent interior that I think captures what 'current' means and also one that understands a youth aesthetic.

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