Certificate in Interior Design -

Ismay Rymaszewska

Interior Designers

What is your professional background prior to KLC?
Before KLC I had no previous experience in interior design, just a keen interest. I had completed a BSc in physiotherapy a few months before but was aware for a couple of years that it wasn’t my true passion or calling. 

When you were looking for courses, what appealed to you about this course?
This course appealed to me due to the short, intensive nature, the breadth of training included and because I was recommended it by a well known interior designer who said it set people up well for work in the real world (the majority of people she hired at an intern level had done this course).  

How does the course fit your lifestyle?
The course is intensive in nature meaning that I am spending most of my time working for it, but the teaching hours allow me to attend commitments Tuesdays and Thursdays evenings without a problem. 

What are you enjoying most about the course?
I am enjoying finally using my creative side and being surrounded by creative people after being from a scientific background for 4 years.

I love learning and interior design is such an interesting subject that lectures and workshops are a pleasure rather than a chore despite the long hours. The preparation for real work is really integral to the teaching and I feel will set me up really well for when I start.

The workshops are my favourite part of the course - varying from bathroom layout to colour and concept images. 

Where do you look for inspiration?
I tend to look at magazines (such as the World of Interiors), Instagram or walk around the design centre for inspiration. Talking and working with like-minded people on the course is also really useful for inspiration. 

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