Blended Learning Diploma Interior Design -

Ivona Martincic

Interior Designer

What is your professional background prior to KLC? 
I have a degree in French and English Language and Literature and prior to KLC, I was working with children and as a translator. A couple of years ago we renovated an old apartment and I completely re designed the space. It turned out to be quite a successful design, so I decided that it was the right direction for me, and time to return to my first love.

When you were looking for courses, what was it about this course that appealed to you? 
First of all, the structure of blended learning programme was ideal for me, because of its flexibility and combination of distance learning and onsite training. I was also very keen to gain the Level 5 validated qualification.

How does the course fit around your lifestyle?
I have to exercise a lot of self-discipline and self-motivation. My lifestyle seems to fit around the coursework, but it is well worth it and I am happy with the “seriousness” of the programme and the push from tutors to do the best I can.

What are you enjoying most about the course? 
The workshops part of the course that I attend at KLC make me appreciate a real classroom experience. It is amazing how connected we have become even though we don’t see each other regularly. The quality of training has exceeded my expectations. There is a personal approach with weekly one to one tutorials. As well as this, you can contact student support services every day. This is very important especially closer to deadlines, when you need quick answers and support.

Where do you look for inspiration? 
I love crafts, so I am constantly looking at how things are made. I am also inspired by new materials and technologies. Work of designers such as Patricia Urquiola, Nika Zupanc and Marcel Wanders are always inspirational for me with their playfulness and wit.

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