Foundation Degree in Interior Design -

James Axford

Interior Designer

What were you doing before KLC and why did you decide to study at the school?
I actually had my own art business producing bespoke canvas pieces, some of which got used on TV for productions such as 60 Minute Makeover and DIY SOS. After I wound that down I upcycled and restored antique furniture before doing an access to higher education course in interior design prior to starting at KLC.

Can you identify some of the highlights and challenges of your time at KLC?
The FDA course provided me with 2 years' worth of highlights! But out of all of them, I think the inspiration days, where we would go out into London and visit places and events relevant to our current or upcoming project. Having the opportunity to experience the subject matter in context really helped me understand and go on to implement it in my designs. The demand on our time was challenging, but time management is a skill that the course helped me greatly with.

How has your career evolved since graduating?
Even before leaving KLC my work experience placement had me helping with the design of multi million pound penthouses, bespoke furniture units as well as site managing. Starting in January I will be going back (again) to school to study set design and decoration to pursue my career in the art department for TV and film. KLC has provided me with an amazing foundation and experience to go forward into that industry.

What kind of projects have you been working on recently?
Just recently we had a very exciting install project with Dream Houzz, as well as designing and moving into a new office. We’re currently working on the FF&E for a gorgeous apartment in Vauxhall as well as a Communal Entrance Hall in Camden. It’s really exciting to see a project through from concept to the actual installation!

What advice would you give anyone starting out in the industry?
Be enthusiastic! If this is what you love doing then show it, you’re with other people that also love this world so don’t be shy! Explore! Go to every show and event, see what other designers are doing, what’s new and what’s interesting, you never know when what you might see could become relevant in the future.

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