BA (Hons) Interior Design -

Malika Gasu

Interior Designer

I chose KLC because of the practical nature of their course. Having completed a degree in architecture a decade ago and having had a feel of the active world. I have realised the near disparity between education and the actual world of employment.

The course was very fast paced and there was the need to catch up quickly in order to be able to make the most of it. I must admit this was not easy task, being a wife and mother of 3. Having the support of tutors, the  fantastic course director and welfare team at KLC allowed me to overcome the various barriers that would have no doubt,  prevented  me from enjoying the course as I should have.

There were inspirational lectures with industry  experts  grounding the  course  a little  bit  more in the reality awaiting us  once we  are  out  of  the school. I would greatly recommend KLC to all who have an interest in developing a career in Interior Design. However,  be ready to  give it your all.

The best thing about studying at KLC is mainly the fact of the program putting students in touch with the realities of the career of an Interior Designer. We met real clients and worked on real life projects and had to consider all the constrains that practicing interior designers are faced with.

We also learnt the very important aspect of practice management which a “standard  university” would not necessarily incorporate in their curriculum. These in themselves, are great advantages that KLC could boast of over other institutions offering this program of study. The students as a result start their career well equipped with the know-how and expertise of a junior designer.

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