Diploma in Interior Design -

Mary v.Naeltwijck

Interior Designer

What was your background before you started KLC? 
My background before KLC also involved in Interior Design. I went to Inchbald School of Design and then wanted to continue my studies to get more experience and knowledge.

Why did you decide to study interior design? 
I decided to study interior design because it has always been a big interest in my family and close friends. Many family friends have their own practice in the South of France and I was always interested to see how everything worked in this job, so asked a lot of questions went to site visits with them, worked with one of them and finally graduated from high school and put myself into these studies.

What did you think of the course? 
I found the course very helpful, the teaching is very efficient and the time management that the tutors organise is incredible as the course is not that long. They know how to teach us the right things at the right time

What are your design interests / strengths? 
My design strengths are that I am someone that works very fast, I get on with the work and do it fast to a good quality. My interest in design is inventing new spaces and trying to offer people different things that know one thought of. Being unique is quite important in what I would like to do. I would like to maybe specialise in Yacht and Jet interiors which is a very intense part of designing as clients are very demanding and unique.

I am inspired by… 
Motivated designers and new trends. As designers we should always know what is new around us and what could be the next trend to come. Motivation is key.

My favourite interior is… 
One of my favourite interiors is by Matt Carlisle. His taste and sophistication really inspires me. He is a very talented designer with so many new ideas and concepts, he makes me want to work hard and to try and develop my unique style at one point in my career. 

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