Blended Learning Diploma Interior Design -

Najwa Mroue

Interior Designer

What were you doing before KLC?
I was working for Westminister Council and was half way through my PhD in Gender Studies.

Why did you decide to attend KLC?
I always had a passion for interior design. I decided to change careers and I was looking for a college to study at. I visited KLC and was impressed with the courses they offer and the way they teach.

I thought it was more interesting and cutting edge than any other school I visited. The blended learning method was a great plus too, I just had a baby and the flexible studying method was a great way to balance studying and motherhood. It was not easy though!

Can you identify some of the highlights of your time at KLC?
I met some great people and the support I got during the course was invaluable. I really connected with all the tutors and they were very helpful throughout the course. I really felt that there was always an opportunity for me to ask questions and the responses were always detailed and quick.

Where did you find inspiration for your coursework?
We were encouraged to visit exhibitions, go to trade shows, and engage with people in the industry. So that was a great way to get inspired.

What challenges did you face during the course?
I became a mother 2 months before the course started so balancing coursework and motherhood was difficult. I also came from a purely academic background so I had to learn everything from scratch. Hand drawing was the most difficult. But I was in good hands!

How has your career evolved since KLC?
I set up a company with fellow KLC alumni just after graduation. Our partnership lasted for one and a half years after which I decided to set up on my own. KLC careers services were very helpful and their guidance was invaluable. Now I am the proud owner of Atelier NM my own design studio, and it’s going great.

What exciting projects are you working on currently?
I am now furnishing a penthouse in Kings Cross overlooking the gasholders. It’s beautiful and inspiring and I feel lucky to be part of the redevelopment of this area.

What are your career aspirations for the future?
I would like to expand my services to create my own furniture and accessories line.

What advice would you give to an aspiring designer thinking of studying at KLC?
Go for it and don’t be afraid. The support you get is great and you will be supported all the way, even after the course is finished. You’ll enjoy it and you’ll be exposed to all the leaders in the interior design world thanks to KLC. 

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