BA (Hons) Interior Design -

Ruchi Gupta

Interior Designer

What was your background before KLC? 
I started my journey in the design world with a Bachelors degree in Architecture. Subsequently, I travelled and trained across countries like India and Switzerland gaining in-depth interior design experience across sectors like hospitality, work-place and residential. Over the years, I have accumulated a wealth of experience and developed a unique perspective on design and solutions.

Why did you decide to study Interior Design?
I have a background in architecture but I have always been interested in creating magic within the walls rather than just 'brick' and 'mortar'. Having relocated to London, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to bridge the gap between my qualifications and experience and take more formal training in interior design. Also, I felt there was a need to understand the UK design industry which is very unique in its sensibilities and work ethics.

What did you think of the course?
Studying at KLC has given me the freedom to approach design in a novel and fresh way and drive me forward in my quest to evolve as a designer. The course structure was a perfect combination of tutoring and self-directed study, guiding us at critical points to think out of the box. I sincerely believe it has equipped me with the knowledge required to work in the interior design industry in the UK and provides an ideal platform to meet and learn from the best.

What are your design interests/strengths?
Interior design is all about creating narratives and curating experiences. Whether the project is small or big, it is about imagination and making the spaces work efficiently. I truly believe good detailing is the key to great design. My style is constantly changing and evolving. In one word, I would describe it as Eclectic. I have a strong technical background and love to collaborate with other designers and work as a team.

What space inspires you?
I sincerely believe that sustainability is the way forward. So, buildings that embrace the concept inspire me. Amongst recent buildings Switch House, Tate modern museum extension has caught my attention. With its bare concrete and brick lattice external wall it has reinvented the concept of high rise buildings. Sustainability is at the heart of its design, with a high thermal mass, natural ventilation and solar panels.

Who is your favourite designer?
While many master designers awe and inspire me every day, I admire Sir David Chipperfield. His philosophy focuses on designing architecture appropriate for its surroundings and the origins of the place. To quote Rowan Moore "He deals in dignity, in gravitas, in memory and in art."

Where to from here?
Following graduation, I want to keep up my learning process and contribute to the fascinating world of interior design in the UK. I would love to work with a firm that can gain from my varied interior design experience across sectors around the world and make use of my newly acquired skills in Revit and Adobe Suite.

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