BA (Hons) Interior Design -

Sienna Major

Interior Designer

What was your background before KLC? 
I grew up in Jersey, in the Channel Islands. I had just graduated sixth form before moving to London to attend KLC. I had studied Philosophy, French, and English Literature and continue to speak and write fluently in French. My family and I moved to Jersey eight years ago from Vancouver, Canada. 

Why did you decide to study Interior Design?
Interior Design impacts a person’s mood and experience in a space. I had a keen interest in curating colour schemes and sample boards growing up. However, I wanted to study interior design to improve my eye, and feel confident sourcing a variety of textures and colours, while understanding the environmental implications of different materials.

What did you think of the course?
Studying at KLC for three years has been an immersive experience in the field of design from an industry perspective. The course has equipped me with a confident understanding of the Interior Design process and how to effectively achieve the specifications in a brief. 

What are your design interests/strengths?
I am interested in commercial design, specifically the retail, restaurant and hotel sector of the industry. These spaces are of particular interest because they are built for the general public and the design can heavily impact a person’s experience and memory of their time in the space. I am interested in the branding aspects of commercial design as well, as having to convey the image of a brand and engage a particular demographic adds depth to the brief. 

What space inspires you?
The Bloomberg building in London inspires me. Designed by Foster and Partners, and opened in 2017, the site achieved a 98% BREEAM score. I believe this sets the bar to how commercial design needs to maintain sustainable principles throughout the design process to reduce the 70% of the carbon foot print buildings produce in the environment. I admire how the building combines historic features such as the Roman-era inscribed tablets because this gives the space character and contributes to the site’s identity. I am inspired by how the building harmonises historic design features and modern sustainable principles.

Who is your favourite designer?
My favourite designer is Peter Zumthor. I am inspired by his analysis and careful curation of atmosphere in his design. I respect his sustainability considerations as a designer. When he designed the Secular Retreat, he explained: "We started, in a way, by supposing that in 200 years’ time, it is still in good condition,". I think it is important for designers to consider increasing the life span of their designs to create more sustainable spaces.

Where to from here?
I am looking forward to diving into the commercial Interior Design industry to put my Revit and AutoCAD skills towards live projects. I hope to continue to learn more about Interior Design from industry professionals and be part of a team of creative and collaborative designers. 

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