Diploma in Interior Design - 1996

Tina Weaver

Interior Designer

Tina graduated from the KLC Diploma Interior Design in 1996 and established herself as an interior designer in London before heading back to her homeland, Denmark.

What were you doing before KLC and why did you decide to attend KLC?
I worked in the travel and interior retail industries before, at the age of 30, I decided that I needed a proper education. After some research into interior design schools, my interest fell on KLC in London. In Scandinavia we always look to London, Paris and New York for inspiration with regards to all areas of design, so an education in London was very tempting! I went to London and had a meeting at the school. I was impressed by the professionalism and the context of the diploma course. I liked the fact that the learning is by gradually getting more and more complex projects and the practical approach of preparing you as an interior designer. I was immediately taken by the staff, again showing such professionalism and genuine care that I knew I just had to do this!

Can you identify some of the highlights of your time at KLC?

  • Studying in an international environment!
  • There was a willingness of wanting to help, respect and understand each other because we came from many different countries, and it created a very good working atmosphere!
  • Every presentation of the projects we had was a thrill! We worked so intensely and under time pressure that our projects and all that work became our 'baby' in the end.
  • The graduation in 1996 is a day I will never forget! I feel eternal gratitude for all the knowledge I got at KLC!

Highlights after graduation

  • I worked at KLC alongside having my own design business. I started as a support tutor, moved on to certificate tutor and later became a lecturer.
  • Celebrating KLC's 30th and the fact that I still, after 16 years, have this feeling of gratitude and joy when I think about my like-minded friends and colleagues at KLC!

How has your career evolved since KLC?
For one year I worked for Cavendish Interiors, doing up properties for lettings and show houses to get as much experience as possible. In 1998, after participating in shows at Olympia with KLC, I took the step of setting up my own design company working with high end residential projects. I ended up having more than a decade of interesting work within my own interior design company in London before moving back to Denmark in 2006.

What are some of your recent projects?
After a few years of being a stay at home mum, I have finally achieved my dream of opening my own home gallery shop. It is called Galleri's "Work of Heart" and it is a fusion of interior design and art. I started art painting when my daughter was little and I discovered another passion.

My goal now is to combine my passion for interior design with my passion for art, two worlds that if combined right only enhance each other! I am looking forward to running an inspirational course in interior design from my gallery. The first course will be in mid-January 2014. If some of the course participants are interested in learning more or getting a degree in interior design I know where to send them!

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