Alumni designs gold medal-winning garden

Recent Garden Design Diploma graduate, Lily Clarke, designed a gold medal-winning garden at the BBC Gardeners' World Fair. Lily designed the garden with Leigh Johnstone which was a beautiful border garden 'A Forest of Calm'.


"Beyond our back gardens, there are incredible natural landscapes waiting for us to escape into, forests of calm that can inspire, restore and help us heal.

With mental illness accounting for 23 per cent of all ill-health in England, our National Parks can play an important role in helping to improve the mental health and wellbeing of the nation.

A Forest of Calm seeks to capture the beauty of the New Forest National Park. The garden features a native woodland edge, a place of enjoyment and adventure, which opens out onto the iconic heathland landscape that humans and animals share together, including the famous New Forest pony. The garden was created using the ideas and experiences of New Forest residents, many of whom have been affected by poor mental health, in the hope that it encourages more of us to get out into nature." - Lily Clarke


The garden will be relocated to Bramshaw village hall where the designers worked with home-educated children to help decide what should be in the garden, and where they will continue to look after it, giving back to the community. A local willow weaver was used to make the willow horse.