Michael Armitage tapestry woven in the West Dean Tapestry Studio goes on display at the National Portrait Gallery

This month, the National Portrait Gallery in London reopened its doors following a major refurbishment that has seen the museum being closed for three years.

Included in the new displays is a large tapestry, the first in the collection, translated from a painting by Michael Armitage titled 'John Barry O'Kelly Sonny Richard Moore'. The work depicts four refuse collectors at work during the UK's first national lockdown in 2020.

Using approximately 404 colours and measuring 3m x 1.7m, the tapestry was woven over ten months at the West Dean Tapestry Studio by a team of three weavers; Fine Art Subject Tutor and Tapestry Studio Leader Philip Sanderson, Jo Howard and Fine Art alumna Emma Straw.

To learn more about Michael Armitage's inspiration for the work and why he chose to represent it through tapestry, watch this video

Congratulations to all involved!