Making makes the difference: Our new brand

We are delighted to introduce our new brand design for West Dean following our integration with KLC School of Design and the expansion of our courses.

The new style embodies the power of making and the maker, across arts, craft, conservation and design. It is a celebration of mark-making as well as the mark our students make on the world. We are very proud of it, and hope you like it too. Let us know what you think!

Our schools of arts, design and conservation offer a uniquely broad range of world-leading courses. We celebrate the intrinsic value of work that has been hand-made by artists and artisans, and challenge the assumption that mass-produced must be the only way because, across the world, the maker movement is growing.

The West Dean values are celebrated and immortalised through our new brand. We believe that creativity is innate; and that everyone, from any background and ability, can make their mark in the world of arts, craft, design or conservation, given the time, tools and teachers available to them at West Dean.

Inspired by our Founder, Edward James’ patronage of the surrealist art movement, and his pursuits to explore the limits of the imagination, the new brand challenges and celebrates notions of making a mark, creativity and originality. Edward James’ legacy continues to live on through West Dean as a community for artists, designers, and craftspeople to gather, collaborate and create.

The new brand identity is being rolled out across every area where the previous branding was present; including the website, social media channels, newsletters and signage.

Our website

The new brand includes a new-look website that brings together the old West Dean and KLC School of Design ones; centralising all information and representing the broad community we now encapsulate.

Upon landing on the homepage of the website, the orange menu at the top of the screen provides navigation to key areas of the site including Degrees & Diplomas, Short Courses, and Place. This menu is consistent throughout the website, with it always being visible on every page, making it even easier to navigate around the site.

Still image of the homepage

With our acquisition of the KLC School of Design, we are now known as 'West Dean College' (formerly 'West Dean College of Arts and Conservation') to encompass the entire West Dean community.