KLC School of Design Tutor, Gerard Puxhe, Wins 1st Prize at International Contemporary Art Contest

Gerard Puxhe is an international award-winning Spanish London based designer and digital artist, as well as a KLC School of Design and West Dean College senior Diploma Applied HE tutor and lecturer. 

Gerard has been granted 1st prize of the Itlsliquid 12th edition International Contemporary Art Contest. Itsliquid's jury recognised his work with such distinction among 25.000 artists from all over the world. 2 years ago, he was also one of the top 5 winners of the 10th edition, which gave him the chance to exhibit in Venice. On this occasion, he'll be exhibiting in London, Venice and Rome during 2023.  

The artwork Gerard has been awarded with is Mesh, one of his parametrically designed series that explores the beauty of volume breakdown and fluidity of movement, giving as a result several ultra-complex but a fragile piece.  




Throughout his career he has worked on top-notch projects across Europe as well as collaborated with different brands. He creates cutting-edge designs by using disruptive artwork that aims users with an urban casual tech lifestyle. His work showcases distinctive creativity and a unique style. This innovative work has been granted with several international awards and exhibited in some of the most prestigious design events in the world, such as Milan, London, Venice or Berlin. 

Gerard Puxhe currently runs his personal studio-brand, where he designs and produces big format parametrical artwork. Procedural software allows him to experiment with complex geometries to explore form fluidity, fineness, movement and disruption of the conventional. All his artworks are always designed in big format to be displayed as a wall mural printed on high quality wallpaper, ranging from 10 to 30 m. long by 3 m. height. These artworks have an architectural approach as they integrate with the space in a natural manner, providing deepness, differentiation and a unique personality to any interior, as it becomes and extension of the space without interfering with the rest of elements.  

Parametrical design also allows him to create unique different variations from the main geometry by changing the parameters of the algorithms, creating a unique piece for each customer if requested and to adapt it to any wall dimensions. Gerard also produces different versions for prints or home decor textile.  


  • 2022 · Itsliquid International Contemporay Art Contest, 1st prize.  
  • 2022 · Marbella Design Week, exhibition. 
  • 2020 · London Design Festival at LDC X Gerard Puxhe, solo exhibition. 
  • 2020 · London Fashion Week, exhibition. 
  • 2020 · Venice Itsliquid Fragmented Identities, exhibition. 
  • 2020 · Itsliquid International Contemporay Art Contest, winner list.  
  • 2020 · London International Creative Competition, honorable mention. 
  • 2019 · European Product Design Award, silver,. 
  • 2018 · Berlin IFA Samsung Ambient Mode, exhibition. 
  • 2018 · Dezeen x Samsung Ambient Mode Design Competition, top 5 finalist. 
  • 2018 · International A Design Award, bronze.  
  • 2018 · Milan Design Week at Super Design Show, exhibition. 
  • 2018 · London Design Festival at London Design Fair, exhibition.  
  • 2018 · Singapore International Furniture Fair, exhibition.  
  • 2017 · European Product Design Award, bronze.