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  • Passementerie – tassels with ruffs and pompoms (SWE32918)

    21 to 23 June 2024. Learn the traditional techniques of tassel-making for interior decoration, as practised in trimmings workshops in the UK and Europe, and learn how to use a wooden mould with high quality yarns. Tutors: Anna Crutchley

  • Passementerie – linen tassels (S1D31977)

    23 August 2024. Learn some traditional passementerie techniques, as you make one full-size tassel, suitable to hang in an interior. You will work with good quality Swedish linen yarns, in a rich colour range, and a wooden tassel mould. Tutors: Anna C...

  • Passementerie – rosettes and tassels (SWE31831)

    23 to 25 August 2024. Rosettes are magnificent constructions, traditionally used to decorate a cushion, or hand-pleated curtain heading. You'll work with good quality yarns in a rich colour range, to construct both a rosette and tassel. Tutors: Anna...