West Dean Professional Knowledge Network

West Dean Professional Knowledge Network

West Dean is internationally recognised for excellence in conservation, arts and design education. The college offer a uniquely broad range of courses taught by industry experts, who are often leaders in their field, our students are encouraged to develop their practice and reach their true potential.

If you are interested in developing your professional practice, sector knowledge and making connections, West Dean's Professional Knowledge Network talks and courses are for you. 

Join us for talks by industry-leading theorists and practitioners that will offer an insight into key topics and areas that are shaping the future of arts, design and conservation. 

The Sustainable Designer

An exciting new programme of talks by industry-leading theorists and practitioners, intended to challenge the industry and education to rethink the way that we approach sustainability.

Delivered across eight, 90-minutes sessions we invite an industry specialist to share their work, experience, and thoughts to spark discussion and debate.

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Series overview

While there is a clear need for the built environment industry, representing around 40% of UK CO2 emissions, to develop environmentally sustainable practices; sustainability is more than just the environment. Sustainability is a complex relationship between the pressures of our social, cultural, economic, and environmental contexts.

Through the eight sessions of this series, we hope to broaden the discussion of how designers, in the built environment industries, can better meet the challenges of addressing the complex contexts that are contingent upon questions of sustainability. From the reuse of materials and products to issues of well-being, this series will inspire and provoke students and professionals to consider the future of a practice which integrates a greater awareness of sustainability across social, cultural, economic, and environmental contexts.

At the core of this series is the question “How do we make sustainability central to the practice of interior design?”

Talk 1: Introduction to Wellbeing and Biophilic Design

In this online talk, Oliver Heath will share his knowledge, thoughts and experience based on many years of research and practice in the areas of wellbeing and biophilic design.
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Talk 2: Routes into Sustainability

In this online talk, Chloe Bullock will be discussing the use of project goals to engage teams and clients in sustainably-driven projects.
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Talk 3: Vegan, Cruelty-free Design

In this online talk, Helen Winters will discuss the opportunities for design to be vegan and cruelty-free.
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Talk 4: Human Centred Design

In this online talk, Jecks Stone will discuss her work designing environmentally conscious interiors that are response to user need.
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Talk 5: Awe and Regenerative Design

In this online talk, Vanessa Champion will discuss her research and work on the effects of biophilia in design.
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Talk 6: Professional Upcycling

In this online talk, Chris Billingshurst will the opportunities and sustainability benefits of upcycling.
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Talk 7: Communicating Sustainability

In this online talk, Roddy Clark will discuss the challenges. opportunities and strategies for communicating the benefits of sustainable approaches to design.
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Talk 8: Delyth Featherston-Dilke

In our final online talk, of this series, Delyth will discuss her work in upholstery and using natural materials.
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The West Dean Professional Knowledge Network talks are part of an exclusive programme running from September to November 2024. Booking for these events are being sold through our online booking partner TicketTailor. 

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The West Dean Professional Knowledge Network events are subject to the following terms and conditions.

General information
The West Dean Professional Knowledge Network events are open to anyone aged 18 and over. The event fee covers access to the live event.

Refunds and cancellations
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