Anna Gillespie

Anna Gillespie is a figurative sculptor with some 30 years of experience, primarily showing her work in galleries although in recent years she has enjoyed collaborating to create photographic and dance works and installations.  She has worked in a variety of mediums including found tree materials such as acorn cups which she uses to express her love of the natural world alongside that of the human figure.  Anna is a member of the Royal Society of Sculptors and a West of England Academician.  She is represented by the Beaux Arts Gallery and her work can be seen on

Describe your approach to teaching
I enjoy teaching practical skills because I believe that getting these ‘under ones belt’ can then allow a personal choice as to whether to work representationally or focus more on expression.  

What inspires your own work?
I am and always have been inspired by the human figure.  I try to convey the beauty of the body in all its diverse forms and yet also allow feelings to speak through that physical representation.  I don’t shy away from representing difficult emotions – singing the ‘blues’ in sculptural form to affirm the reality of what it is to be fully human.

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