Arabella Brooke

Arabella Brooke trained at The Art Academy in London from 2001-2004, and now lives and works in West London. She is a member of the Chelsea Art Society, and exhibits regularly at a range of galleries and art shows across the UK, including the Discerning Eye and the Society of Portrait Sculptors. Her work is held in private collections in Europe, Hong Kong, the USA and the UK.

She has taught sculpture for the last 15 years, both at college-level and in smaller venues, mostly working from a model, and mostly in clay or wax.

How would you describe your approach to teaching?

I teach best one-on-one, an approach which allows each student to move forward at their own pace, along their own creative journey. My primary concerns are to inspire self-confidence and to encourage creative risk-taking.

What inspires your own work?

My work is figurative and based on observation, often recorded on scraps of paper, receipts, the backs of envelopes. This recording, often only a scribbled line, or suggestion of a form, is the starting point for a conversation about bigger, more universal themes. Mostly, the sculptures talk about identity and relationships, and about the struggle to find meaning in a fast-moving and disposable world.

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