David Clapp

David Clapp is one of the UK's most successful landscape, travel and architectural photographers. A jack of all trades, he began working as a writer, contributing imagery and words for photography magazines. This lead to a career as a full-time professional in 2009, amassing a strong position as a global stock photographer.

After repeat success in UK photography competitions, his creative vision lead him to recurring commissions for AA Travel, Visit Britain and large corporations. Today he is a renowned teacher and a technical specialist employed regularly by Canon UK, a photographic lecturer (Royal Photographic Society), a Getty Images contributor and a workshop leader. He runs workshops through his own limited company taking photographers to some of the most exciting locations on the planet.

"For me, photography will always be the marriage of computers and cameras. Technology and creativity has always been a constant source of fascination and my vision has always taken a rather elliptical orbit, between day / night / landscape / architecture / travel. I can't define exactly what it is I do, so I do them all."

David works closely with Canon UK and Canon Europe, representing Canon at numerous leading industry events like 'The Photography Show' and 'Photokina'. His public speaking and teaching skills have extended beyond workshops to video presentation. David co-presented 'EOS Adventure: Portrait & Landscape Photography' in 2015 and also presented tutorials for the Canon EOS 6D, sent to Patagonia.

How would you describe your approach to teaching?

"I will connect my students to the subjects around them, highlighting the grand vista to the smallest of details. We will learn to adapt and react with spontaneity and explore the synergy of photographer, camera and computer to take the very best photos we can, in any conditions."

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