George Popesco

Since completing his academic training at the Royal Academy Schools London, George has taught extensively in varied Art & Design education structures alongside developing his own work and exhibiting both in group and solo exhibitions. George lives and works in Dorset, specialising in Oil Colour medium exploiting its tactile wet in wet qualities to form the mediums expressive and sculptural qualities.

Describe your approach to teaching:

I have a very structured approach to my teaching practice, careful to plan every stage of development whilst supporting individual students on a one to one basis. Essential to the learning process is live demonstration, whereby, techniques are revealed stage by stage, informing experimentation to complete the set task.

What inspires your own work?

My work is from direct observation, painting in response to objects, environments, the human form and portrait. The immediacy of nature and its recording through the transience of flowers or landscape are contrasted by still life subjects, which are carefully arranged with an emphasis to the objects possible associated contexts. The analysis of a subject through looking and painting is a personal reflection and engagement, utilising the visual elements to achieve a personal aesthetic statement.

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