Giovanni Leone

Giovanni Leone is an accomplished architect with a master's degree in architecture.

Throughout his upbringing, he displayed a keen interest in combining various disciplines, particularly art and psychology.

During his university years, his research focused on merging music and architecture, which resulted in a notable publication from his university. His project titled "Identity and Difference in Architecture" incorporated musical scales as a representation of Eastern and Western cultures. This project has been showcased at the Second Interna;onal Seminar, held in
a multiethnic space.

Giovanni has also attended seminars on minimal design with Riccardo d'Alisi, exploring the concept of "Planning without Thinking."

He has pursued an extensive course on art history and delved into urban design and design thinking with Filippo Allison.

With a professional portfolio encompassing a diverse range of projects,
including residential, commercial, and furniture design, Giovanni showcases his versatility as an architect. Moreover, he is also a skilled
musician, having recorded albums and worked in studios with other artists.

Throughout his career, Giovanni became fascinated by neuromarketing and the psychological effects of colours on the human psyche. This interest has influenced his projects, infusing them with a careful selection of colours to create a cosy ambience.

Having accumulated over 15 years of teaching experience alongside his architectural and design career, Giovanni has become a proficient instructor. His expertise in architectural software enables him to provide comprehensive guidance to his students.

In recent years, Giovanni has developed a profound interest in the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in design and architecture.

Exploring AI's potential to enhance daily life, he actively seeks innovative ways to incorporate this technology into his projects.

Residing in London for the past two decades, Giovanni is recognized as a RIBA Chartered Architect registered with the Architects Registration Board (ARB). His passion for combining psychology, technology, and design fuels his dedication to providing students with a holistic
understanding of architecture.

Giovanni is also teaching short courses at the West Dean London Bloomsbury campus. (Please see the link in the Short Courses toolbar on the website)

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