Holly Parr

Holly graduated from the Central School of Ballet with a BA in Professional Dance and Theatre Studies. Following graduation, she embarked on a colourful career in the theatrical costume industry. During this time Holly stumbled upon French beading, a 19th Century craft that immortalises botanicals, and became completely captivated by the art.  

Holly’s young family led to her leaving the theatre industry and shortly after Beaded Blooms began.  Through stringing thousands of 2mm glass seed beads onto fine craft wire, and using a combination of twists, wraps and weaves, Holly designs and creates exquisite forever flowers to treasure.  

Holly is also teaching short courses at the West Dean London Bloomsbury campus. (Please see the link in the Short Courses toolbar on the website)

Describe your approach to teaching
When teaching I love to reflect on nature and embrace the mantra that it is the imperfections that make things so perfect.  It is always such a pleasure to share this lesser known craft.  

What inspires your own work?
The natural world is of huge inspiration to me.  Flowers speak, they have hidden symbolism and their own language.  They impress memories or feelings upon us, never to be forgotten.  They show us the importance of taking time, reflecting, resting and returning again anew.  I strive to replicate the splendour of the natural blooms in my designs.  

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