Humberto Spindola

Humberto Spindola creates paper fine art works. Working from Mexican traditions of paper work craftmanship he has evolved these into an artform. He translates his skills to contemporary art by making large installations, always looking to find new possibilities to the weakness and strength of his material of choice. His main solo shows are at important Mexican cities museums. Collected by the British Museum in London, Paper Museum in Basel, Design Museum in Helsinki. He won First Prize at Praga Cuadrienale of Costume Design for his Vivaldi's Motezuma opera in Heidelberg.

What inspires your own work?
I have developed my own techniques and experimental processes over time. Inspired by the sacred symbolism, and anthropoligical meanings of working with paper. He has developed innovative methods, including a way to apply gold leaf and colouring with pigments without dissolving this fragile material.
Describe your approach to teaching:
While teaching my aim is for participants to grasp an understanding of techniques, aesthetics, colours, and usages of paper in Mexican arts, and explore ways to translate these to unique contemporary art works.

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