Jenney Kelly

Jenney Kelly is a block printer, bespoke textile maker and eco-dyer. Studying Art & Design, she followed this with a career as a 3D modeller & Visual Engineer in the military flight simulation industry. Jenney has studied textiles, printing & dyeing, furthering her skills with some of the leading textile artisans in India, plus courses at West Dean and across the South-East.

In her regular travels to India, Jenney works with experts focused on more advanced printing and natural dyeing techniques.

Describe your approach to teaching
Block printing is an endangered craft, and I strive to teach the age-old and more traditional techniques in my workshops to preserve their rich heritage for future generations. I'm a member of Heritage Crafts.

What inspires your own work?
As a frequent traveller, I draw inspiration for my intricate designs and use of vibrant colours across Europe and Asia. I'm passionate about supporting traditional skills, seeking out new and vintage fabrics and textiles produced by local

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