Natalie Arnold

Natalie Arnold BA (Hons), is an artist, illustrator and designer. After graduating in Interior Architecture BA Hons, she worked within the commercial design industry, whilst also practicing her fine art. Her artwork has previously been licensed by 2 major art publishers. She recently published an interior themed colouring book and is a specialist in interior illustration. She has taught for many years and is a highly experienced tutor.

Approach to teaching. 
My approach to teaching is about balancing creativity, expression and technicality in an enjoyable way. Keeping the classes well structured but flexible allows students to learn at their own pace and creates a calmer atmosphere. I encourage students to make discoveries, both individually and as a group.

What inspires your own work? 
It depends on the style and purpose of the project, but I’m drawn to atmospheric imagery & music, eclectic architectural styles, film sets, mysteries in nature, narrative, historical illustrations, lyrics, wildlife and open skies. I enjoy researching and finding inspiration for a new project. 

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