Paul Antonio

Paul Antonio trained as a calligrapher and heraldic artist. His work focuses on an in-depth study into letterforms from both a palaeographical and a geometric perspective. He is the author of ‘Copperplate Script – A Yin & Yang Approach’, a unique and innovative in-road into the learning of the script. He is also the creator of an amazing set of black and grey writing pads made by Rhodia.

Describe your approach to teaching.
I have a new rigid, structured approach, which focuses on getting students to understand basics that they normally take for granted. I have been using this approach for the past five years and have been seeing students' shock at the speed of development using this new method. 

What inspires your own work?
I always start my work looking at the history of the script, then its palaeography and next developing a geometry and movement phase for the letters and flourished shapes. 

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