Roger Parsons

Roger started working in horticulture in 1970 and retired as Head of Parks and Landscape at Arun District in 2005.

Sweet Peas were grown as a hobby from 1984, increasingly to the exclusion of other plants. Concern at the loss of Sweet Pea cultivars led in 1998 to Roger starting to collect what has become the World’s largest collection of Lathyrus germplasm. In 2005, Roger Parsons Sweet Peas started selling seeds and his collection was recognised as a National Collection, now with scientific status.

Roger is President of the National Sweet Pea Society. His awards include the Society’s Henry Eckford Gold Memorial Medal and Plant Heritage’s 2019 Brickell Award.

His books are 'Sweet Peas: An Essential Guide' and 'Lathyrus: The Complete Guide' (written jointly with Greg Kenicer).

Roger is a very experienced and passionate grower, exhibitor, speaker and judge of Sweet Peas.

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