Ruby Saul

Ruby is a mixed-media artist who uses hand-drawn collages and her own prints to form realistic and semi-abstract elements to her work.

Ruby graduated from Trent University with a BA Hons is Fine Art and has been teaching for 13 years.  She set up her own teaching studio in Singapore where she also mentored and taught ex-inmates who wanted to continue their art practice upon release.  She was also on the committee for Women in Art in Singapore.

My approach to teaching
I believe in strong foundational knowledge, because from there you can let yourself go in lots of different directions with confidence.  If it works you’ll know why, but just as importantly if it doesn’t, you’ll also know why.  I demonstrate and participate in the projects alongside the students so that we journey together.

What inspires my own work
My work often deals with themes of displacement and nostalgia by placing patterns, drawn images of or materials made from native species of plants, flowers and birds in non-native environments. I draw very heavily on my sense of place and the everyday beauty of ‘common’ birds and ‘weeds’.

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