Teri Howes jewellery

Teri Howes

Teri Howes trained as a jeweller in 2000 at Kensington & Chelsea College going on to establish her studio at London's famous Cockpit Arts in 2005. Teri's work features her now signature hand-crochet techniques in precious silver, gold and diamonds. She shows regularly at Goldsmith's Fair, and other exhibitions in the UK and internationally.

My approach to teaching is to equip students with the basic techniques which they can use to create their own designs. Wire has unique behaviours requiring practice and patience while learning. With nearly 10 years teaching these specialist techniques I can adapt my projects to suit beginners or more experienced students.

My inspiration comes from growing up in a home brimful of creativity, from my mother's treasure-filled sewing room to my father's colourful paints and easels. I learnt to draw, paint, sew, knit, bead, embroider - giving me a lifelong fascination with applied arts.

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