The Croll Testimonial: An introduction

The Croll Testimonial is a parcel gilt Victorian silver rosewater fountain designed as a table centerpiece and presented t0 the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers by 1883 by Col. Alexander Angus Croll who was Master of the Company in 1877 and 1885.

[caption id="attachment_149" width="300" caption="Detail of some of the decoration, photographed 2011. Images reproduced by kind permission of the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers"]

The treatment of the Croll Testimonial is likely to be fairly interventive and raises some ethical questions. Is it acceptable to re-finish an object, just because it has been wrongly re-finished before? The design and history of this piece are far more unique than the manner in which it was made, so should they be given greater weight in decision-making?

At present I am only familiarizing myself with this extraordinary piece, and I intend to write more about it throughout the next few months as treatment progresses.