The art of ecological gardening: creative techniques and approaches – garden lecture with Sid Hill

West Dean College of Arts and Conservation


In this lecture Sid will explore ecological principles for gardeners and how this relates to our gardening practice, discussing vegetation turnover, environmental stresses and disturbance and how ecological understanding can transform how we interact with plants and the land. He will delve into the fascinating world of soil and how it affects plant behaviour and plant community dynamics.

Sid will explore thoughtful approaches to garden management, taking inspiration from rewilding, creative horticulture and conservation management to tend gardens over time while working towards our goals. How can gardeners be ecosystem engineers and create ecological diversity, beautiful gardens and produce food? It includes the practical implementation and management of ecological plantings and meadows. Building on the learning throughout the day, this lecture will delve into the creation of new gardens and plantings and how we take ecological principles into our landscaping. It will cover how to establish, manage, enhance and troubleshoot ecological plantings.

Sid Hill is an ecological designer and gardener based in Cornwall whose passion is to create landscapes and plantings that echo wild plant communities, meadows, woodlands and wetlands, whilst producing food, restoring environments and improving people’s lives. He grew up on a permaculture farm and has been a keen gardener since childhood.

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