9 Days 9 Stalls, Part 2: Hot Tongues & Happy Tums

2 days to go chilli fans! We continue our 9 day countdown to the 20th West Dean Chilli Fiesta with some more excellent stalls for you to visit across the event! So let's dive in shall we…

Craft Beers with a Bite

Joe Ross, Jon Chapman and Russ Cox (aka Staggeringly Good) proudly make "Beer for people who love to ride dinosaurs!" This Portsmouth based CAMRA approved beer company launched its first beer, 'StaggerSaurus' last year and have since injected a weirdly wonderful sense of fun in to the Craft beer scene with their brilliant word-play and tattoo-like illustrations…Oh and of course their delicious flavours that will be making their way to West Dean this weekend.

The journey began when they created some personalised beers for friends' birthdays and stag do's (hence the other meaning of 'Stag'geringly Good). The beer went down so well that they decided to set up their own company and after a little over a year they now supply over 40 great pubs and bars throughout Hampshire and the South.

Staggeringly Good are certainly set for great things in 2015 and will be adding to the festival atmosphere in spades when they take to the West Dean lawns!

.All their beers have a dinosaur theme with some beautifully designed labels that match the well-
crafted ales within. Such examples include:

Extinction Black IPA (A dark and fruity chilli beer that comes in mild and EXTRA HOT varieties)

With their unique branding and ever so slightly wacky attitude to the world of beer making, these guys are doing something different. I can't wait for a taste of their Extinction Chilli beer (black cap of course) ;) which is ready for those who dare to add a little extra spice to their already sizzling Chilli Fiesta weekend!

Fast Food Using the Best Ingredients

Now it's hard to do justice to the extravagant and wonderful boss-lady of Wham Bam Mother Bhumi, Amanda Holley. So for this next section dissecting the kings of tempura pakora and bhajias (as I'm reliably told is the correct way to pronounce it), I'll be using mainly direct quotes from 'Mother Bhumi' herself. It will give you the perfect idea of what Wham Bam Mother Bhumi is all about!…

"After 16 years cooking pakoras, if someone asks 'what makes fast food great?' I would have to share our guiding principles:

1. to get as close to the source of the ingredients as possible.

2. to nourish people on the spot without damaging our beautiful planet.

3. Love what we do!

As long as all that happens you get a smile on your tummy! Our pakoras and bhajias are allergen-free, organic and delicious; we grind our own whole grains and spices for the batter, use domestic quality sunflower oil (used once and used for biodiesel), serve on ecofriendly plates and recycle.

All our vegetables come from Cherry Garden Organic Farm and we have a policy to use independent traders (because we are one!). That is the background to a the most delicious pakoras and bhajias that you will taste for quite a few miles! Taste and go to heaven!"

Enough said? Well get a load of this chilli fans! Not only does Amanda provide some of the tastiest and healthiest 'fast-food' that's ever likely to grace your tongues, but she's also one of the most charitable women I've had the pleasure of dealing with.

Wham Bam Mother Bhumi - profits help those in need

For an hour, every day at the Fiesta, she'll be giving profits made from her delicious food to aid the Nepalese earthquake crisis. So get down to Wham Bam Mother Bhumi this weekend to 'put a smile on your tummy' and a smile on the faces of those who really need it over in Nepal.

West Dean's family-friendly Chilli Fiesta turns 20 this year! Join in the fun 7, 8 and 9 August 2015. Early Bird Tickets available until 31 July. www.westdeangardens.org.uk

Caroline's Dairy - award winning local ice cream

Based just a few miles away from West Dean in Sidlesham, Caroline's Dairy is a multi award-winning company producing luxury hand-made ice cream and sorbets on their family dairy farm in Chichester.

"Our ice cream is made in small batches, using only the milk from our cows which is then combined with carefully sourced ingredients and locally produced fruit to make over 20 delicious flavours of ice cream and five sorbets. Unbelievably, our small parlour team of three produce over 35,000 litres of ice cream in a year!" - Caroline Spiby

Quite some feat I think you'll agree! And Caroline's Dairy, one of the most popular and loved stalls in recent years, will be back for the 20th West Dean Chilli Fiesta this weekend, cooling tongues and warming hearts in all corners of the festival.

"Since launching in 2008, we have come a long way but still make our ice cream in exactly the same method - using the rich creamy milk from our happy herd of cows to create the rich and luxurious ice cream we are now renowned for."

Caroline and her team will be at the Chilli Fiesta all weekend serving up a range of their delicious ice cream flavours, and In keeping with the theme, visitors can also enjoy their award-winning stem ginger, lime and chilli flavour!

I've said this about a lot of the stall holders for this year's event but…hey…it may well be true…I'm going to be the first in line at Caroline's Dairy this weekend!