Snowy scenes

December is a quieter period in the gardens. In the run up to the festive season - and in this very mild weather - we thought our readers would enjoy looking back at snowier times.

Historic Apple Store

The historic apple store - featuring shelves for storing fruit - sits at one corner of the Walled Garden where the West Dean celebrated apple collection is housed. The bulk of the walled garden fruit was planted in the mid-nineties. There are over 100 varieties of apple and 45 varieties of pear, including heritage varieties with links to West Sussex, many of them trained into exquisite traditional shape.

A blanket of snow

A covering of snow makes even the everyday magical!

Hard to imagine having a summer picnic here on the lawn when it's covered in snow!

Familiar garden spaces take on a different personality in the winter which has a beauty all of its own.

Lambing in winer

Nature doesn't wait for good weather in the parkland at West Dean Gardens.

Edwardian Pergola gets the chocolate box treatment

Even in winter the Pergola by Harold Peto - bare of summer planting - looks stunning.

Under wraps

The Kitchen Garden asleep under a covering of snow. The Victorian glasshouses keep over-wintering plants snug.