Press Release: Conservation Specialists Appointed Subject Leaders at West Dean College

Malcolm Archer F.B.H.I has been appointed the new Subject Leader for Clocks, and Maickel van Bellegem ACR is the new Subject Leader for Metalwork at West Dean College. Each has honed their skills working in the heritage industry and in high profile museums, such as the British Museum, the Rijksmuseum and the V&A. The College attracts students nationally and internationally for its practice-led and interdisciplinary approach to the development of conservation and craft skills, and for its dynamic engagement across these sectors.

Malcolm Archer F.B.H.I, Subject Leader, Clocks and Related Objects

Malcolm's extensive experience with private clients, as well as the museums and heritage sector, lies behind his in-depth understanding of horology. He brings a comprehensive knowledge of traditional craft skills, theory and contextual history. He also has an interest in new and innovative ways of applying conservation to mechanical objects.

A former Assistant Curator of Horology at the British Museum, Malcolm was more recently lead conservator on a major project with Temple Newsam House, Leeds Museum. He led the work to conserve an 18th century mechanical organ clock made by George Pike., and restore it to working order. Originally from an engineering background, Malcolm began his horological training at Hackney College in the 1990s. He followed this by entering into a business partnership and further developed his knowledge and skills as a student at West Dean in 2004-2006. He has continued to successfully run his own private practice and has taught at West Dean College in Clocks since 2010.

Malcolm is an associate member of the Institute of Conservation (Icon) and is a Fellow of the British Horological Institute (BHI), and is the lead tutor for:

FdA Historic Craft Practices - Clocks. This is a unique new Foundation degree teaching clockmaking using historic crafts skills, with the opportunity for innovative skills application.

Graduate Diploma - Conservation of Clocks

Postgraduate Diploma Conservation of Clocks, leading to MA Conservation Studies

All are awarded by the University of Sussex

Maickel van Bellegem ACR, Subject Leader Metalwork

Maickel van Bellegem ACR is a goldsmith and metals conservator who has worked both independently and in museums, notably the Rijksmuseum, the British Museum and the V&A Museum. He comments, "Having supervised students during their placements at the British Museum previously I'm very much looking forward to working with students building their expertise in both craft skills and conservation techniques."

He has worked on a range of metal objects for display, loans, storage and research purposes, and has published regularly. Topics of publications included historical manufacturing techniques such as patination of alloys in 19th century Burmese lime boxes and their conservation, authentication, as well as developing conservation treatments.

Maickel is an accredited member of Institute of Conservation, a member of the International Council of Museums, the Historical Metallurgy Society, and the Nautical Archaeological Society.

He is the lead tutor for:
FdA Historic Craft Practices - Metals
Graduate Diploma Conservation of Metalwork
Postgraduate Diploma Conservation of Metalwork, leading to MA Conservation Studies
All are awarded by the University of Sussex

Open Day

Students can explore their study options for Clocks and Metalwork, meet the tutors and students, and see the workshops in action at the next Student Open Day on Friday 1 December. For details visit

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